Understanding the Classical Guitar

When people first have the idea of learning the guitar, their minds often go to the thought of the acoustic or electric guitar. What many people don’t usually think of is the classical guitar. While still considered acoustic guitars, classical guitars are not exactly the same as your standard acoustic guitar. Although learning all types of guitar is a great thing to do, there are also some good advantages to learning and understanding classical guitar as well.


As was mentioned before, classical guitars are still considered acoustic guitars, but there are some key differences between classical and standard acoustics. The most prominent difference between the two lies in the types of strings that are used on classical guitars. On standard acoustic guitars, you will almost always see steel strings on them. There are many different types of steel strings for acoustic guitars, but that is the standard string type. On the other hand, classical guitars use nylon strings, which are a part of what gives them their distinctive sound.

Another difference between classical guitars and standard acoustic guitars is the body shape. On standard acoustic guitars, you will often find them in a dreadnought shape. Some standard acoustic guitars also have a cutaway in the body, which makes it easier to get to the higher frets. Classical guitars are usually a bit smaller than standard acoustic guitars and also don’t usually contain a cutaway in the body.

One last difference between the two types of guitars pertains to sound. Even though standard acoustic guitars are the go-to for most musicians, classical guitars can really give you the opportunity to experiment with Spanish and Flamenco-style sounds.


One of the best advantages of learning the classical guitar is that most of the pieces that are played on classical guitar are really great for improving coordination and meticulousness in terms of music. If you are an aspiring guitar player, classical guitar might be a solid place to start a foundation for learning the instrument, as well as musical concepts like music theory. Overall, the classical guitar is a very unique instrument.

If you are thinking about starting to learn the guitar or you are already an experienced player looking for a change, classical guitar may be a good option for you. Take a free lesson on us to see what style of guitar is a good fit for you!

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