Tips on Choosing Your First Piano or Keyboard

Starting a new instrument, such as the Piano, can be very exciting for new musicians or even experienced musicians. It is a great instrument and can help you on your journey in understanding more about music theory, becoming a better overall musician and so much more. However, some players may not know what instrument in this category will best suit their needs when starting to play. Choosing the right instrument will not only make you more motivated to play, but it will also help you to reach your goals. Here are some tips on how to choose your first piano or keyboard.


When looking at all the different types of keys that one can choose, there are three main categories. These categories consist of digital keyboards, digital pianos and acoustic pianos. Although digital keyboards are most commonly the cheapest of the three, they are also the most versatile and can allow you to use a variety of different features and settings. With digital pianos, they are a great alternative in terms of feel to acoustic pianos, but lack the same amount of versatility that comes with digital keyboards. Finally, acoustic pianos, such as the classic grand piano, are the best option for experienced players when it comes to sound and feel.


Usually, the size of the instrument you are choosing directly correlates to the number of keys it has. The most widely used number of keys on these kinds of instruments is 88, which constitutes a full-size piano or keyboard. This will give you the most accurate experience. In addition, some players also use instruments with 76 keys, but this can come with some limitations when learning new pieces of music. Anything less than 76 keys will come with even more limitations, but they can still be good for practicing and understanding the basics of the keys. Overall, while there are many instruments in the category of keys to choose from, there is an instrument out there that can meet any player’s needs and more.

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