[VIDEO] How To Play The Munsters Theme Song on Guitar

Halloween is officially upon us! While you no doubt have your costume ready to go and plenty of candy on hand, there’s one thing you’re likely missing: a spooky Halloween anthem! While orange and black are the traditional All Hallows’ Eve must-haves, an eerie Halloween song is just what you need to take your celebrations to the next level and put you in the festive spirit!


Not sure what to play? Don’t sweat it! Your friends at Scottsdale Music Academy have picked out the perfect piece of goose-bump-inducing guitar music, a song that absolutely screams “Halloween!” As a special treat to all of our beloved music students and fellow music lovers, we’re giving you a FREE online guitar lesson that’ll teach you how to play one of the most well-known Halloween songs of all: “The Munsters” theme song. Watch the step-by-step instructional video below to learn exactly how to play the song…just in time for Halloween!


How To Play The Munsters Theme Song

Everyone has a little monster in them…now it’s time to awaken yours! Follow the instructions below to learn to play The Munsters theme song, and let the little monster inside you roam free once and for all!

If you’re having some trouble with this guitar music and need some extra guidance, give us a call! Our guitar lessons in Scottsdale might be just what you need to stop playing like a zombie and start rocking out like a true guitar god. There’s a reason people travel from all over Arizona—Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Glendale—to take guitar lessons from us; it’s because there are no tricks with us, only treats! After all, why dress up like a rockstar when you can be one in real life?

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