Why Learning Music Online Is Holding You Back

There are some things you can learn solely online like how to cook the perfect pie or how to fix a broken toilet. Then there are other things, like learning how to play an instrument, where face-to-face interaction is a better bet. Although online music lessons are quite popular these days, they’re definitely not for everyone and can have some major drawbacks. If you’ve been learning music online and haven’t seen the best results, here are some reasons why your online music lessons are likely holding you back.



  1. Digital = Distractions

I don’t know about you, but more often than not, when I set out to do work on my computer I always end up surfing Facebook, online shopping, or watching YouTube videos for more time than is productive. When it comes to learning music online, the same digital distractions will be there, ready and waiting to kill your productivity! Distractions are a huge disadvantage of online music lessons. If you somehow manage not to succumb to any of these online time wasters, you’ll likely still encounter real world distractions, such as a noisey practice space, interruptions from your spouse or kids, or a pet in need of some love and attention. With in-person music lessons like the ones taught at Scottsdale Music Academy, you’ll get a distraction-free environment solely designed for your and your learning needs. With nothing to distract you, you’ll be able to focus better and put all your energy into your lesson, and get more out of it as a result.



  1.   No Personal Feedback

Digital music lessons are pretty much a one-way street. Although online videos may be able to teach you where to place your fingers or how to read the notes, they won’t tell you what else you’re not doing correctly. Even interactive online music lessons won’t give you that same personal interaction and feedback that you’ll get with a face-to-face private music lesson. A lack of personal feedback is a huge disadvantage if you’re truly  looking to advance your skills. If you want someone who will teach to your specific learning style, offer personalized suggestions and answer all of your questions, in-person music lessons like the ones we teach to Phoenix and Paradise Valley students are the only way to go!



  1. Lack of Peer Support

They say community is a powerful thing, and that’s especially true when it comes to learning music! At Scottsdale Music Academy we pride ourselves on providing an environment where both novices and pros can come together to learn, share tips, and bask in the beauty of music! Not only do our students get access to a supportive and encouraging community of musicians, they’ll also get the chance to showcase their talents and skills in real performances and shows around the Valley if they wish. Not even the best online music lesson will give you that!



In short, while online music lessons might seem appealing on the surface, nothing can compare to the real deal! If you really want to grow as a musician, then there’s no better choice than in-person music lessons. But don’t take our word for it…sign up for music lessons at our Scottsdale studio and see for yourself!


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