A Parent’s Guide to Supporting a Child’s Musical Education


So your child has expressed an interest in music – now what? If you think that enrolling them in a music program for kids is enough to help them succeed musically, you’re dead wrong. Whether you realize it or not, your child’s musical development begins and ends with you.

Numerous studies have shown that parental support and their long-term encouragement are crucial factors for success when it comes to children and music. As parents, you have a responsibility to not only allow your child to explore their creativity and interests, but to help them grow these skills and channel them into meaningful experiences.

So what can you do to help your child reach their full musical potential? A lot, actually! Supporting your child’s musical education and abilities is easier than you might think. Help guide your child into the magical world of music-making by following these simple tips, and then watch as their musical talents blossom before your eyes.

Tip 1: Invest in Private Music Lessons

Let’s face it. There are certain things a parent just can’t teach their child without outside help, and playing an instrument is likely one of those things. That’s where private music lessons come in! Private music lessons are a great way to ensure your child receives the one-on-one attention they need to develop their skills, no matter what level they’re at. Here at Scottsdale Music Academy, we offer private music lessons for a wide variety of instruments. Whether you’re looking for guitar lessons, drum lessons or keyboard lessons in Scottsdale, we do it all and we’re happy to help. Our music programs for kids are created to teach children how to play the guitar, piano, or other instrument at a pace that’s right for them while always making sure that the process is fun.  By signing your child up for private music lessons, you’re not only supporting their musical interests, you’re laying the foundation for musical success.

Tip 2: Attend Performances

One of the smallest actions you can take to show you support your child’s musical endeavors is to regularly attend their performances. Nothing means more to a child than to see their parents smiling proudly in the audience after a big performance. But showing your support doesn’t have to end there. For extra parental points, take your child to a concert by their favorite artist or musician to inspire them to dream big and practice hard.

Tip 3: Set Up a Routine

No matter how many guitar, drum, or bass lessons in Scottsdale your child takes, without regular and consistent practice, their skills will never improve. That’s why setting up a strict practice time is crucial to a child’s development as a musician. A regular practice time encourages your child to take their music seriously and helps them to view practice as part of their regular routine, not as a chore or punishment.

Tip 4: Show Interest

While sitting with your child through their keyboard, guitar or vocal lessons in Scottsdale might be one way to show you support them, you can show you’re interested in their musical hobby in other ways, such as by asking them regular questions about their music, rewarding them when they’ve mastered a difficult song, and encouraging them to hold impromptu concerts for family and friends. Knowing what piece your child is practicing, what issues they’re struggling with, and what skills they have left to master will go a long way toward ensuring they stick with music in the long run. If your child knows they have someone on their team rooting for them and celebrating their accomplishments, they’ll be more likely to tackle musical obstacles rather than give up.


Whether you’re a musician yourself or you can’t even carry a tune, your child’s musical development is heavily influenced by your actions and attitude. Don’t be the parent whose child quits music simply because you didn’t do your part to foster their musical talents. Who knows….with a little parental encouragement and support, your child could be the next big music superstar!

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