New and Interesting Acoustic Guitars to Try

If you are in the market for a new acoustic guitar but you want to try something different, there are all kinds of acoustics out there to shop around for. There are hybrid guitars, travel guitars, lap steel guitars and so much more. Each of these instruments are very versatile in their own ways and will allow you to take a different approach to playing the acoustic guitar. Here are some new and interesting acoustic guitars to try.


Travel acoustic guitars are one of the many things that a variety of guitar players strive to have in their arsenal of gear. These guitars are small, lightweight and compact and allow you to take your instrument with you almost anywhere. They are great for taking on the road, as well as a good solution for guitar players who don’t want to lug around their full-bodied acoustic guitar everywhere they go. The only drawback of these guitars is the sound may not project as much as a normal acoustic guitar.


Hybrid guitars, such as the Fender Acoustasonic, are another new and interesting guitar to try if you are looking for something different. These guitars combine the tone of an electric guitar with the body of an acoustic guitar and deliver a very unique sound. The pickups on these guitars also provide a hum-free tone that is great for recording or playing live shows.


Lastly, lap steel guitars are a good choice for any guitar player who really wants to expand their style and sound. Although they are notoriously used in country and folk music, lap steel guitars provide a very resonant sound that can add a lot to your own music and live performances. However, be aware that these guitars take some practice to learn and might not be the best instrument for beginners. While all of these instruments may take you a little bit out of your comfort zone, they are excellent options for anyone who is looking to try something new.

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