Must-Have Accessories for Drummers

When people think of drummers and their gear, their first thoughts may often jump to the basics. This includes a full kit and sticks. What some may not realize is that there is an abundance of interesting and essential gear out there for drummers to own and try. Whether that means gear for actually playing or just transporting your kit, there is a lot out there. Here are some must-have accessories for drummers.


Even though practice pads may not seem like the most exciting piece of gear to own, they offer a lot of versatility when it comes to practice and playing. The main purpose of a practice pad for drummers is to give players a way to practice quietly, especially when working on timing, fundamentals, and form. Not only do they serve these purposes, but they also give drummers the ability to quickly warm up before a gig or group rehearsal.


Drum tuners are another must-have accessory for drummers who are looking to expand their arsenal of gear. For a lot of drummers, tuning your kit can be a drag and something that some players find rather difficult. With a drum tuner, tuning your kit can be a super simple task that doesn’t take up too much time. Essentially, a drum tuner works by measuring the pressure of a drum head and then allowing you to find the pitch you are looking for.


Last but not least, metronomes are a great accessory for any drummer to have. This may seem obvious, but metronomes are a staple when it comes to quality practice for drummers. One mistake that some drummers make is believing that their timing is perfect, only to find out that they have lots of work to do when playing along with a metronome. This makes it a super important accessory to own. While these aren’t all of the must-have accessories for drummers to own, they will surely help you along the way to becoming a better drummer.

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