3 Common Mistakes Made By Rookie Musicians

the boy in sunglasses plays an electric guitar

Nothing is more exciting than when you first learn how to play the guitar, drums, or instrument of any kind. There’s an intense rush of energy that comes with picking up an instrument for the first time or mastering your first piece during your keyboard, bass, or guitar lessons in Scottsdale.

While being a beginning musician is no doubt full of fun, it’s also a super critical time that can have a huge impact on a musician’s future. Cultivating good habits from the very start is paramount to ensuring that beginning musicians grow as artists, and helps set them on the right path for future success. To make sure you’re set up for success, be sure to avoid the following mistakes made by most rookie musicians.

  1. Daydreaming Instead of Doing

Envisioning future musical accomplishments is a healthy way for beginning musicians to build confidence, but it can also be detrimental if used in excess. Some beginning musicians get so wrapped up in their daydreams and musical aspirations that they forget to do the work needed to actually get them to that iconic status they long for. Beginning musicians must remember that the only real way to transition from rookie to rockstar is through hard work, patience, and lots of practice.

  1. Trying To Fly Solo

It’s no secret that learning to play an instrument is hard, but it’s especially difficult if you’re trying to tackle it on your own. That’s why it’s so helpful, and almost necessary, to get outside help from people who are more advanced in their musical journey. Getting guidance from friends and family is a great start, but to really strengthen your musical skills you may want to consider taking private music lessons. At Scottsdale Music Academy, we’ve been teaching drum, bass, and guitar lessons in Scottsdale for years, so we’ve seen firsthand just how beneficial these private music lessons actually are, especially for musicians who are just starting out. Don’t ruin your musical career before it even begins simply by thinking you can go it alone. Sign up for one of our vocal, keyboard or guitar lessons in Scottsdale to get the help you need to take your skills to the next level!

  1. Comparing Your Journey to Others

As a beginning musician it’s easy to find fault with yourself and get discouraged by the fact that you’re not progressing as fast as you’d like or as fast as others you know. But it’s important to remember that everybody learns at a different speed, and that what comes naturally for some might not come naturally for others. After all, being a musician isn’t about beating out the next guy, it’s about being the best version of you. Use your energy to focus on yourself, instead of others. You’ll be a better musician because of it.

While beginning musicians would be wise to avoid the mistakes discussed above, the one mistake that should absolutely never be made no matter what is to lose that first-time enthusiasm and genuine excitement for music. Beginning musicians who hold onto that passion even in their most difficult times of learning are guaranteed to triumph in the long run.

If you need help shaking off that rookie musician status, consider taking SMA’s bass, vocal, keyboard or drum lessons in Scottsdale. We’ll teach you how to become a successful musician and true master of your craft! Call (602) 751-3537 for more information.

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