How To Make Your Music Goals a Reality

achieving your musical goalsLots of people dream of being a musician, but only a small number follow through with that dream and make it a reality.  Contrary to popular perception, the key to being a successful musician doesn’t involve owning the fanciest equipment or knowing the right people. Instead, it involves consistent practice, fun and educational music lessons, and a positive mindset to weather the tough times. The truth is real musicians work for it day in and day out. Unlike “wannabe musicians”, they don’t dream…they do.  And how they do it is by setting goals.

To be the best musician you can be, it’s necessary to set goals for yourself. Without music goals, your musical aspirations won’t go anywhere.  There’s a saying that goes, “dreams are for dreamers; goals are for achievers.”  So quit simply dreaming about being a musician; set some music goals and start achieving them!

If you’re new to setting goals, follow the tips below to ensure a smooth path to success to guarantee your goals are met.


1.Map Out Your Goals

It’s one thing to think about your goals. It’s another to write them down and be reminded of them every day. The simple act of writing down your goals is a way to take possession of your goals and will make your goals seem more of a potential reality rather than a mere idea. Writing down your goals will also give you a clear focus and roadmap to follow. To prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed or defeated from the onset, try to break down your goals into smaller, more targeted tasks that are easier to tackle in a shorter amount of time. This will allow you to see what direct steps are needed to achieve your goals and will make them more manageable.

When performing this essential step, it’s important to set deadlines for these goals. A deadline will put a little pressure on yourself to work as efficiently as possible to meet your goal on time and will help propel you along, especially at times when motivation is low. Assigning deadlines to your goals will also force you to think about what is needed to achieve success and the overall time it will take to get there.


2.Schedule Your Time

Manage your time even more efficiently by scheduling it out in advance and carving out time in your week to work on your goals. Make use of planners or online scheduling apps to organize all the various parts of your life, accounting for your music goals and allocating the needed time to actively work on them. Scheduling specific time dedicated just towards cultivating your music goals will ensure they are a priority, thereby making success more likely.


3.Get Help

No man has ever achieved any sort of success without a little help. Getting help from outside sources is oftentimes what can make or break a person’s efforts, and can have a major influence on your morale, helping to sustain your energy to finish what you started. To accomplish your music goals, you’ll want to get as much help as possible and tap into resources that can guide you and push you to reach the finish line. While enlisting the support of friends and family is key, you’ll also want to seek out professional help like the kind that private music lessons can provide. Good music lessons, like those at Scottsdale Music Academy, should not only supply you with the knowledge required to meet your goals, but also give you the encouragement you need to fuel your efforts and push you to dream even bigger.


Remember that accomplishing your music goals won’t be an easy task and it won’t be something that you can achieve overnight. But there’s no greater feeling in the world than knowing you gave everything you had and your efforts paid off. Don’t let your dreams of music greatness die; turn them into goals and make them a reality!


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