How To Maximize Your Music Lessons

If you’ve made the wise decision to take music lessons, you’re well on your way to mastering your instrument.  Whether you play the guitar, drums, bass or sing vocals, music lessons are a great tool to help you learn to hone your craft and expand your skills. While music lessons are not required, they are recommended as they make learning to play an instrument easier, faster, and more fun than learning on one’s own.



Advantages of Music Lessons

In addition to making the learning process more efficient, music lessons also have a variety of additional benefits, such as:


  • Built-in support system
  • Access to passionate music community in Scottsdale and Phoenix
  • Opportunities to perform live


  • Knowledgeable, friendly music instructor

Now that you know all the reasons why music lessons rock, the next thing you need to learn is how to make the most of them!



Making the Most of Music Lessons

Here are the best tips for maximizing your music lessons brought to you straight from our music lesson instructors in Scottsdale.



  1. Put in the Work

To truly become a great musician you’ve got to put in work! That means practicing outside of your music lessons. Practicing is the number one way to improve your playing and increase your skills. If you don’t make time to practice on your own at home, music lessons won’t be that beneficial to you. Just remember that a little hard work and sacrifice now will pay off big time later on!



  1. Set Goals

Setting goals goes hand in hand with practicing. In fact, one of the main differences between practicing and just leisurely jamming out is that practice sessions should be well structured and with clear cut goals in mind. Setting goals will help you stay accountable and help you to gauge your progress.  Be sure to set individual goals for both your solo practice sessions and your music lessons. Although your music instructor will guide the lessons, sharing your goals with him or her will help to ensure your music lessons are tailored to your specific aspirations and music goals.



  1. Take Notes

Don’t worry, music lessons don’t have tests! But it is a good idea to take notes anyways. Often times, your music teacher will be throwing a lot of lingo, suggestions, and instructions at you all at once, so it’s helpful to bring a notebook to your lessons so you can jot down important points. These notes will be especially useful to you when you’re practicing on your own and want to recall what you went over in your most recent lesson.



Some music students even find it helpful to record their lessons, which can be a great way to document the lesson and a great tool for self-evaluation. Just be sure to ask your instructor for permission first! Discover what a difference music lessons can make in your musical journey by signing up for music lessons with Scottsdale Music Academy today!


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