Best Apps for Keyboard Players

If you’re a keyboard player and you’re looking to up your game, you’ve come to the right place. Those who are serious about their craft already know that music lessons, frequent practice, and goal setting are the main ingredients to keyboard playing success. But to give yourself an extra edge, consider adding apps to your list of resources. That’s right…in addition to taking selfies and discovering memes on Instagram, your cellphone can also be used to help you become a better keyboardist. There are a variety of apps for keyboard players that do everything from teaching the basics of keyboard to keeping time, and providing access to hundreds of different genres of sheet music. Here are a few of our favorite apps for keyboard players. But don’t trust our opinion…download one and see for yourself!



  1. Metronome Beats

Staying on tempo is something that many beginning keyboard players have difficulty mastering. If you’re one of the many that struggles with this, Metronome Beats may be just the solution you’re looking for. This app has it all: speed training, visual beat indicators, and the ability to customize a time signature. Incorporate it into your practice sessions to help you recognize when you’re off beat, and soon you’ll be playing perfectly in tempo, no app needed!



  1. Yokee Piano App

Practicing at home isn’t always as fun as a music lesson at Scottsdale Music Academy. To fill the void in between sessions, give Yokee Piano App a try. With this app, you can play along to a catalogue of songs from classical to contemporary and everything in between. Earn “coins” by playing songs, completing challenges, and improving the quality of your playing. Although all the keyboard playing through this app is done on the phone, the knowledge you’ll gain about notes and keys will be useful for keyboard playing in the real world.



  1. Piano Companion

Learning chords and scales is easy thanks to Piano Companion. This handy app has tutorials for almost all chords and scales, including instructions on proper fingering techniques, notes, and degrees. Best of all, it allows you to listen to each chord or scale so you can learn how it should actually sound.



  1. Theory Lessons

Understanding the fundamentals of music and possessing basic music theory knowledge can be beneficial to your journey as a musician. With Theory Lessons, keyboard players and musicians of any instrument can learn everything they’ve ever wanted to know about music theory. This comprehensive app makes music education easy. It gives you just the right amount of info to make learning effortless and simple–just the way it should be!



No doubt about it….keyboard and piano apps can be a great learning tool. However, to really learn all the ins and outs of keyboard playing, nothing beats music lessons! For even more keyboard playing tips and techniques, sign up for a lesson at Scottsdale Music Academy today!   

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