Our List of 6 Scary Songs

In the middle of this month we call Rocktober, it’s time to start thinking about those awesome musical masterpieces that conjure scares, frights, and fears! Halloween falls at the end of the month, and there are so many scary (and cool) songs to choose from! We’re gonna let loose with some of our favorites below!

We picked a few that depict Halloween, some that just sound downright scary, and others that remind us that really, it’s just ghoulish fun for an autumn night! If you have a favorite Halloween scary song, leave a note in the comments!


Thriller-Michael Jackson

What more needs to be said about ‘Thriller”? Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ was one of the biggest selling LPs of its day, and this video scared everyone with its dancing zombies, scary backing musical vibe and even a voiceover by that old ghoul Vincent Price! Classic Halloween clip!


Werewolves of London

Warren Zevon’s tongue-in-cheek hit single contains references to famous scary actor Bela Lugosi, lyrics about mutilation and Chinese menus and a jaunty musical accompaniment. It was on his well-known ‘Excitable Boy’ LP. Boo!


Bobby (Boris) Pickett – Monster Mash

This novelty ditty about monsters, graveyards, and zombies all having a party including ‘Dracula and his son’ stormed the ppp charts in the early 1960s. Today, it sounds harmless and maybe that’s OK. It’s still a fun song to dance to! Plus, for all you kids taking guitar lessons in Scottsdale, it’s easy to play. Click here for the guitar chords.

Rockwell-Somebody’s Watching Me

Rockwell was a Motown prodigy whose 1984 debut LP and this first single featured Michael Jackson on background vocals on the chorus. Its paranoid title even took on a scarier feel in the video with assorted images of graveyards, haunted houses, and even disembodied heads. Scary fun!


Alice Cooper – Keepin’ Halloween Alive (2009)

Arizona’s favorite rock ‘n roll ghoul and patron saint of the teen music scene in the Valley had a fun time in 2009 making ‘Keeping Halloween Alive’. A scary rockin’ riff drives this awesome rock ‘n roll song with tongue in cheek lyrics about keeping Halloween goin’!


Screaming Lord Sutch – Jack the Ripper (1964)

It’s hard to imagine that this scary singer Lord Screaming Sutch scored a massive UK hit with this frightening pop ditty dedicated to London’s most notorious serial killer. And Sutch embodied the Ripper character so fantastically in this clip, he nearly scared the teenage girls half to death in this TV clip. Crazy to believe this was the same year that Beatles erupted everywhere.


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