Is Your Child Ready for Music Lessons?

As one of Scottsdale and Phoenix’s most popular spots for music lessons, we work with a variety of students of all different ages—from little ones to teens, college students, and yes, even adults! From our many years of experience, we’ve learned that (contrary to what most people might believe) there is no “right” age to start music lessons. The wonderful thing about learning an instrument is that anyone can do it, no matter their age or learning style. However, it is generally believed that the earlier a child starts learning music, the better.  That being said, it all boils down to the individual! Sometimes children (regardless of their age) aren’t quite ready for music lessons for one reason or another. 

To help determine if your child is ready to start music lessons, consider the questions below.

  1. Does your child show an interest in music?

Expressing an interest in music is one of the biggest indicators a child is ready for music lessons. If you’ve noticed your child bopping along to the radio, singing in the shower, or gravitating towards an instrument whenever one is around, that’s a pretty good sign they’re ready to channel that musical energy into a more structured learning environment like music lessons.

2.Does your child sit still?

While most music lessons are very interactive, there will be times when the student must observe and listen rather than do. For some children, that can be a real challenge. If you know your child has trouble focusing and constantly needs to be engaged, then perhaps music lessons aren’t quite right for them at the moment. Wait until they’re a little older and try then.

3. Does your child have the time?

There’s no denying that learning to play an instrument is time-consuming. Before you sign your kids up for the guitar lessons they’ve been begging about, consider if they have the time to learn something new. If your child already has a full schedule, chances are they won’t have enough free time to devote to music. However, the great thing about music lessons is they’re completely customizable and can be worked around anyone’s schedule. With weekend, evening and daily lessons, there’s plenty of options to meet most children’s busy schedules!

Last, but not least, don’t forget to think about yourself! After all, enrolling a child in music lessons is a commitment for the parents, too. Make sure you’re ready to offer support, rides to and from lessons, and gentle reminders to practice, practice, practice!

Once you’ve decided both you and your child are ready to take the leap into music lessons, the only thing left to do is sign up or visit our music studio in Scottsdale to learn more!

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