An Introduction to Voice Vibrato

When learning how to sing—either through voice lessons or on your own—you’ll probably stumble across a technique called “voice vibrato.” Voice vibrato is a powerful skill that all singers should know how to properly execute. Although it may sound like an advanced skill designed to be used only by seasoned pros, voice vibrato is actually a fairly simple technique that almost anyone can learn. With a little know-how and plenty of practice, even newbie vocalists can master the technique in time!

What is Voice Vibrato?

So what exactly is voice vibrato? As the name implies, voice vibrato is a variation in pitch, resulting in an enhanced, fuller sound. More technically speaking, voice vibrato occurs when a singer quickly switches back and forth between two pitches. Oscillating the voice in this way adds expression to the song and is used primarily for musical effect.

How to Achieve Good Voice Vibrato

While vibrato is simple in theory, it’s easy to butcher if you don’t have adequate training and knowledge. In fact, there’s a fine balance when it comes to singing vibrato, meaning that it’s easy to have too much vibrato as well as not enough.

To achieve good voice vibrato, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

  • You must open your throat, but keep your vocal cords closed…that’s because oscillation of the vocal cords is only achieved by a combination of the two occurring simultaneously. To open up your throat, mimic a yawn and tilt your head back while signing, thus enabling your throat to open up fully.
  • Good vibrato is heavily tied to good posture and proper breathing.  Keeping a steady breath of air while singing vibrato is essential to prevent wobbling of the voice and to achieve the desired sound you’re looking for.
  • Voice vibrato should always be subtle and used in moderation. Remember, vibrato is used to add flair to a song and as a stylistic tool. In other words, limit your use of vibrato. Save it for certain points of a song where you really want to kick up the drama, usually best reserved for the end of a phrase or moments of a song that need extra emphasis.

In summary, good vibrato is the result of a relaxed, open throat, optimal body support, and a consistent, even stream of air. Thus, learning good voice vibrato can not be achieved overnight. One has to master the basic elements of singing first in order to execute good vibrato.

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