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Sing Better Instantly~Wouldn’t it be nice to have a magic wand that could instantly give you the vocals of Beyoncé or Taylor Swift? Well, we’re sorry to say, no such wand exists! (And if it did, it would obviously be sold out.) But, have no fear. There are certain tips and tricks that can help beginning singers learn how to sing better almost as fast and easy as any old magic wand.
But, know that while the singing tips below are certainly useful, they won’t turn you into a singing superstar overnight…only a fairy godmother or vocal lessons with us in Scottsdale could achieve that (and maybe some hard work on your part as well)!

Super Simple Singing Tips

1. Relax Your tongue

Everyone knows how major vocal cords are to a singer’s abilities, but most people are surprised to learn that the tongue is just as important. In many ways, the tongue is what steers a singer’s voice, either directly or indirectly. The tongue is a huge muscle and if it is kept too rigid, it may restrict or close off the breath, hindering a singer from fully amplifying their sound. To prevent this from occurring, you should relax your tongue and lay it flat on the bottom of your mouth. Try it the next time you sing, and we promise you’ll notice difference!

2. Open Your Mouth

Learning how to sing better begins by teaching yourself to open your mouth wide when singing. This might seem rather obvious, but yet many singers don’t make a conscious effort to do this, and their singing suffers because of it. To achieve maximum quality of tone, you need to open both the front of your mouth and the back of it. After all, your mouth is the exit point for your sound, and the larger the exit, the better!

3. Keep Your Larynx Neutral

For those who want to know how to sing better, you need to know a little bit about your vocal anatomy, in particular, the structure of the larynx. The crib notes version is this: the larynx is the part of the throat that houses your vocal cords and is often referred to as your “voice box.” For guys, it’s commonly known as their “Adam’s Apple.” In general, it is the part of your throat that sticks out in a slight bump.  Not surprisingly, the way your larynx moves when you sing can have a huge impact on your sound. While the larynx is naturally positioned high in the throat, this position isn’t the most ideal for singing. When the larynx rises it actually restricts the vocal cords, cutting off resonance significantly. For optimal sound, singers should make an effort to keep their larynx low and steady, even when singing high notes. Although tricky, it can be done with some practice and a little vocal training.
More Ways to Sing Better
While you can certainly learn how to sing better on your own, it’s definitely easier with some help. And since we’ve already established there’s, sadly, no magic wand to assist you, try the next best thing: vocal lessons with Scottsdale Music Academy.
We may not be magicians, but we’ll help make your voice sound magical in no time!

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