How Music Lessons Can Help Reduce Screen Time

While devices like cell phones, laptops, tablets, and TVs are extremely useful and can be wonderful forms of entertainment, some may argue it’s too much of a good thing—and for good reason. If you’re like most kids (and even adults these days), chances are you’re spending most of your time in front of a screen of some sort. And while a small amount of screen time isn’t bad for you, the truth is most of us are far exceeding a healthy, normal amount.

Why Too Much Screen Time is Bad

On the surface, binging your favorite Netflix show or following the latest Scottsdale restaurant on Facebook isn’t bad for you, but it can be harmful when you’re devoting a majority of your time to it. Excessive screen time not only monopolizes your time, it also decreases your level of physical and mental activity, and has been linked to hyperactivity and behavior problems in children.

The Fun Way to Reduce Screen Time

But fear not, there’s a remedy! It’s fun, it’s popular, and it involves an instrument. That’s right, we’re talking about music lessons! Believe it or not, music lessons are a great activity that can naturally help to reduce screen time. Here’s how:

Banishes Boredom

Often times, people turn to digital media simply out of boredom. Rather than spending your time glued to a screen all day, you could be doing something more useful, such as learning how to play a new instrument. Learning to play an instrument is a terrific hobby that’s been shown to stimulate the brain and foster creativity, making it the perfect substitute for your entertainment needs. In particular, music makes for a great alternative to video games and apps because it utilizes the body in some way or another and engages the mind, so much so that you won’t be the slightest bit bored.

Promotes Socialization

One of the downsides of most tech gadgets is their tendency to isolate users because of the solitary nature of the device. On the flip side, music lessons bring people together and provide plenty of opportunities to be social and engage with the real world. Whether you’re taking private music lessons or enrolled in band coaching, you’ll be paired with a music instructor who’ll guide you through the entire process. Plus, you’ll get the chance to meet other music-hungry students just like yourself! All in all, you’ll be interacting with more people, thus your screen time will likely go down as a result.

Keeps You Busy

It’s no secret that learning to play an instrument takes time and effort. Between practicing, preparing for gigs, and reading up on techniques, your free time will be limited. With less free time, you won’t be a likely to spend so much of it in front of a screen. But the plus side is you’ll be having an insane amount of fun and learning new things along the way! With so much going on, you won’t even miss your devices!

Like all good things in life, technology should be used in moderation and indulged in from time to time, not all day, every day. Whether the technology junkies are kids or adults, it’s important to be mindful of screen time and actively take steps to manage it. Music lessons can be just the activity you need to help reduce your screen time and disconnect from devices,  so you can finally tap into your musical side instead.

Give it a try by scheduling a free music lesson with Scottsdale Music Academy today!

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