Acoustic Guitar Options for Advanced Guitar players

As a guitar player, it is sometimes common that you upgrade your gear as your skill level continues to increase. There are some instruments out there that are great for beginners and getting to know the instrument, but there is also gear out there that can better suit different players’ needs. This is especially true for acoustic guitar players, as there are all sorts of acoustic guitars out there. Here are some great acoustic guitar options for intermediate to advanced players.

Martin Guitars:

While Martin guitars do have some price-friendly instruments, they tend to be on the more expensive side. These guitars are great if you are becoming a more advanced player and need more out of your instrument. The quality of sound that comes from Martin guitars is very well-balanced with great projection. This also makes them a good option for recording. A majority of Martin acoustic guitars also come with a built-in pickup as well.

Gibson Guitars:

Gibson acoustic guitars are also a decent option for intermediate to advanced players. Although Gibson acoustic guitars also have great projection, the tones they produce tend to be on the warmer side. The Gibson J-45 is a solid choice when it comes to Gibson acoustic guitars because it is a great all-around guitar with a fair price point. Overall, Gibson’s are a decent choice if you are in the market for a new acoustic.

Taylor Guitars:

Taylor acoustic guitars are one of the industry standards when it comes to acoustic guitars. Generally cheaper than Gibson and Martin acoustic guitars, Taylors are a perfect choice for players who are still developing their skills, but want an upgrade. Similar to Martin guitars, Taylor guitars usually come with built-in pickups, but produce a brighter sound. All of these companies produce great guitars, which may ultimately match your needs when you are in the market for a new instrument. Most importantly, it is crucial that you play as many guitars as possible and do your research to find what works for you.

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