A Beginner’s Guide to Guitar Amplifiers

Amplifiers for electric and acoustic guitars are arguably the most necessary gear for any guitar player to have. Although they are essential pieces of a musician’s arsenal, there are a variety of amplifiers out there. Figuring out the differences between the abundance of guitar amplifiers may help you figure out exactly what you need to boost your skills and sound. Here is a brief beginner’s guide to guitar amplifiers.


One of the most popular kinds of amplifiers for electric guitars, tube amps are said to produce some of the best tones out of any amps on the market. While tube amps are considered to be older technology, many guitarists are drawn to them due to their great sound. Two things that you may want to consider about tube amps are that they do tend to run a little bit on the expensive side and there are not as many effects to be found in this style of amplifier. Overall, if you are willing to spend the money on a tube amp, they will give you the warm tone you are searching for.


Also known as digital amps, modeling amps can give you a taste of the tones that can be found in tube amps, with a little bit of added versatility. Since they are all digital, modeling amps can be programmed with hundreds if not thousands of different effects for you to perfect your sound. Even though modeling amps might seem overwhelming at first, the endless possibilities they provide will turn your sound into something different and unique.


Similar to electric guitar amps, the main goal of acoustic guitar amps is to amplify your sound. The difference is that acoustic guitar amps do not tend to change your tone as drastically as an electric guitar amp. There are effects in some acoustic guitar amps, but players tend to use them sparingly, as they can be overbearing at times. These amps are a great choice if you are an acoustic guitar player looking for more volume. Amplifiers are a great way to add more to your sound. The great tones in tube amps, endless effects in modeling amps and the capabilities in acoustic guitar amps might just be what you are looking for. It may take an extended period of time to find an amp for you, but it is worth the wait.

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