Are You Stressed? Why Learning An Instrument Helps Relieve Stress

learn music relieve stressLike it or not, no one is immune to stress! Everyone experiences it at some point or another…just like the flu. But unlike the flu, there isn’t a vaccine to protect you from it! There are, however, several coping mechanisms and outlets to help keep stress at bay–one of which is music. Music has long been used as a stress reliever due to its ability to ease nerves, quiet the mind, and relax the body. While everyone knows that listening to music can affect your mood, not many know that playing music can also have a positive impact on your mindset. Learning to play an instrument is actually one of the most effective (and fun!) ways to relieve stress. Here’s why:



  1. Music Promotes Self-Expression

Like art and exercise, playing music can be a terrific way to release your emotions. If you’re feeling tense and looking to unwind, there’s no greater feeling than unleashing it all on your instrument. Whether you play the bass, drums, or keyboard, music can be a vehicle to express your emotions, frustrations, or anxieties.  Plus, channeling all your energy and attention on playing your instrument will temporarily help to distract you from whatever stressful situation you’re dealing with.



  1. Music Fosters Socialization

At first glance, music might not seem like a social activity but, in fact, socializing is an inherent part of learning to play an instrument. If you choose to take music lessons, your lessons will clearly involve others and will have a social component to it. You’ll be surrounded by other like-minded individuals who are eager to learn and even more eager to share their passion. Their enthusiasm and joy for music is guaranteed to be infectious, so no matter how weighed down you feel by life’s everyday stresses, you’ll soon forget them once you’re jamming out, talking shop, and trading tips with other music fanatics.



  1. Music = Fun

No matter what instrument you play or what your music goals are, everyone can agree that learning to play an instrument is extremely fun.  By breaking out of your normal routine and taking some time to explore your musical interests, whether that’s taking music lessons, playing on your own, or joining a band, you’ll find that playing an instrument is just the break you need to escape the daily grind. Instead of worrying about the uncontrollable circumstances in your life, you’ll be busy making music and having fun.



Experience the thrill of learning music and all of its stress-reducing benefits by signing up for music lessons at Scottsdale Music Academy. We’ll help you banish stress and anxiety all while teaching you how to become a better musician!

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