4 No Fail Ways To Boost Your Guitar Practice Routine

guitar lessons in scottsdale, phoenix, paradise valleyKeeping up with a regular practice routine and making the most out of your guitar lessons is perhaps one of the hardest parts about learning to play the guitar. Not only are the notes and chords new, but for most people, so is the idea of a set practice routine. Generally speaking, when it comes to practicing the guitar, most students will be totally enthusiastic about practicing right at the beginning, but once a little time passes and the guitar lessons become a bit more challenging, a student’s dedication to practicing typically begins to wan. A lack of consistent practice will significantly impact a musician’s growth as a guitarist, causing them to develop their guitar skills at a slower pace or, in some cases, not at all. To prevent yourself from falling victim to practice fatigue and thwarting your guitar-playing potential, you need to set yourself up for success, and that means establishing a structured practice routine. If you want to make the most of your practice routine, follow our four-step program to create the perfect guitar practice routine that’s guaranteed to maximize your efforts!

  1. Stick To a Schedule

There’s a reason the saying “fail to plan, plan to fail” is so popular…that’s because it’s true! By planning out your practice sessions in advance, the more likely you are to stick to it. Having a set practice schedule will make practicing your guitar a habit, rather than a chore or task. It’s a way to hold yourself more accountable as a musician and treat your guitar playing with the time and focus it deserves.

  1.  Log Your Practice Sessions

There’s no greater feeling on earth than beating your personal best and surpassing your own expectations. One way to motivate yourself to practice is by tracking your practice sessions and logging your minutes and what guitar skill you worked on that particular day. This will serve as a way to assess your progress and will push you to do more every practice session.

  1.  Reward Yourself

Learning to play the guitar isn’t always roses and sunshine. No matter how much you love the guitar and enjoy playing it, there will be days when it will be a struggle. On those days or weeks, it’s important not to give up. Instead, reward yourself for your efforts! Giving yourself an incentive to practice or tackle a new guitar chord will serve as extra motivation on those days you really need it.

  1. Recruit Outside Help

One of the most effective ways to boost your practice routine is by adding in guitar lessons. Taking lessons from an established, more experienced guitar player will do wonders for your guitar skills. A one-on-one personalized guitar lesson like the ones we teach at Scottsdale Music Academy will help you to easily recognize your guitar playing mistakes and learn how to fix them. Plus, you’ll get to meet other guitar students from Phoenix, Glendale, and all over the Valley, who share your enthusiasm for the guitar and can serve as the support system you need to keep you practicing and your guitar learning on track!

For even more practice tips or general info about the guitar, speak to one of our guitar lessons instructors or visit our music studio in Scottsdale!

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