4 Must-Have Keyboard Tools

4 Must-Have Keyboard Tools To Enrich Your Sound and Skills

No matter where you look in life, you’ll find that every successful figure in history has had a particular tool or resource that they’ve relied on to help bring them to greatness and turn them into the legends they are now.

For musicians, the same holds true. The list of must-have tools and resources for success will vary from instrument to instrument, but regular use of these tools will produce the same outcome: hall of fame worthy music skills and sound.

While there are a variety of great resources available for musicians of all kinds, today we’re going to discuss the top must-have tools for keyboard players in particular. The keyboard tools on our list are what we consider to be the best of the best; the ones that will help keyboard players skyrocket from flailing amateur to true professional.

A Keyboard Player’s Essential Toolkit

  1. Book of Scales

While many beginning piano or keyboard players may shy away from learning scales, we’re here to tell you that scales are a necessity! Having a book of scales on hand to refer to and use when practicing is highly beneficial. If used consistently, this keyboard resource can have a huge impact on a player’s dexterity, muscle memory, and speed. Overall, learning different scales will help keyboard players develop their skills and train their fingers to play common patterns found in music. A book of scales is one of the most basic, but powerful keyboard tools in existence.

2.Sustain Pedal

Out of all of the keyboard tools on our list, this particular tool is the one that will have the most immediate and direct impact on your playing.   A piano keyboard style sustain tool gives you the ability to keep a note or chord sounding even when your hands move to a new position. Using a sustain pedal can give your performance a little more oomph and add an extra layer of depth to your sound.

  1. Mentor

While most of the keyboard tools on our list refer to objects, we want to remind you that people can be excellent resources, too. Having a mentor who you can learn from and turn to for advice and tips is arguably the most valuable resource of all. Whether you choose to find that mentorship through keyboard lessons by Scottsdale’s finest or through family and friends, know that mentors can make all the difference in a keyboard player’s road to success.

  1. Practice Log

There’s a reason why doctors tell overweight patients to write down what they eat and why journaling is considered therapeutic. That’s because writing down your actions or feelings and seeing them before you in black and white makes everything feel more real and helps you establish good behaviors.

A practice log is no different. This keyboard tool is essential for players who are focused on improving their skills and techniques. The only way to get to that next level is by practicing, and that’s why a practice log can be so helpful. For many, a practice log can be just the kick in the pants they need to stop talking about practicing and actual do it. Think of a practice log as a grown up version of a sticker chart. The more you practice, the more smiley faces you get (and the better piano keyboard player you’ll become)!

For additional help developing your keyboard-playing skills, turn to Scottsdale Music Academy. We’re the only keyboard resource on this list that can give you personalized feedback and tailored tips thanks to our years of experience teaching keyboard lessons in Scottsdale. Become one of our students and you’ll get the chance to perform in a live music showcase in Phoenix, not to mention all of the one-on-one attention you need to help you reach your musical aspirations!

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