4 Guaranteed Ways to Break Out of a Rut

Whether you’re a musician who’s been taking music lessons for years, brand new to playing music, or even Lady Gaga herself, it’s inevitable that you’ll fall victim to a rut at some point or another. The sad truth is musical ruts happen to the best of us, and while they’re a major drag, they don’t have to mean the end of your relationship with music. Trust us when we say that musical ruts can be overcome! Like with all worthwhile things, all you need is a little patient, persistence, and a change of pace.  If you’re currently stuck in a rut, learn how to break free once and for all by following the tips below.



  1. Take a Break

Sometimes when you’re just not feeling it, the best thing to do is step away and take a short break. If you’re truly in a music rut, give yourself a few days off from practicing and thinking about music. Allow yourself to enjoy your other interests or try something completely new. But remember to keep your break short and put a time limit on it; otherwise, a temporary break could turn into a permanent one without you even realizing it!   



  1. Spend Time With Other Musicians

Spending time with other musicians is a guaranteed cure for ruts. Whether you join a band, take group music lessons or host a jam session, surrounding yourself with other dedicated and passionate musicians will motivate you to reach their level. And their enthusiasm for the craft will inevitably rub off on you!



  1. Change Things Up

A rut stems from boredom, and boredom comes from doing the same thing over and over again without any variation. To break out of your rut, try livening up your normal routine. Whether that means enrolling in solo or group music lessons, performing in new venues around Scottsdale and Phoenix, or renovating your practice space,  a change of any kind will help reignite your interest in music and keep boredom at bay.



  1. Fake It and Move Forward

While we believe breaks from music can be helpful when stuck in a rut, so can doing the complete opposite. When a musical rut sets in, no doubt your instinct will be to stop practicing, quit your music lessons, and say adiós to your instrument. But, believe it or not, that’s the ideal time to refocus your efforts and rededicate yourself to your craft.  Even if you’re not feeling 100% into it, if you act like you are, eventually the feelings will follow and your passion for music will resurface.



No matter how you choose to tackle a rut, know that it will take some time to pass. But, the good news is it will pass, and soon you’ll be back to your old music-loving self! For personalized help breaking out of a rut or general tips on music, contact Scottsdale Music Academy!

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