3 Proven Ways to Tune Your Guitar

Nothing ruins a song like a guitar that’s out of tune. The truth is you can take all the guitar lessons in the world and practice for hours on end, but if your guitar isn’t properly tuned, then none of that matters. It’s a bit like having a really expensive car, but never washing it!

Luckily, tuning a guitar is pretty simple and straightford. Anyone can learn how to properly tune a guitar. All you need is a little knowledge!

Without further ado, here are three proven ways to tune your guitar to ensure you sound your best at all times.

Electric Tuner

Oh, the advantages of technology! An electric guitar tuner is by far one of the easiest and quickest ways to tune your guitar. When you’re in a rush for time or want truly accurate results, using an electric guitar tuner is the way to go.

To tune your guitar using this tool, first be sure the calibration setting on the tuner is set to 440 Hz as that is the industry standard tuning frequency. Then, simply play a note and the device will show you how close you are to the desired note. To achieve the best results, tune each string one by one, slowing turning the tuning keys until the tuning needle is in the middle. Not only are guitar tuners the quickest way to tune your guitar, they’re also fairly inexpensive ($15 on average) and lightweight, making them super portable, so you can take one with you anywhere you go.

Matching Pitch With A Piano

If you don’t have a guitar tuner on hand, the next best way to tune your guitar is by matching the pitch to a piano or other instrument. This method is best suited for more advanced guitar players who’ve been taking guitar lessons for years, and can easily recognize one note from another. While this method isn’t as foolproof as a guitar tuner, it is extremely useful when playing in a group. To utilize this method, just play the note on the piano and use that as a reference, adjusting the strings on your guitar until the pitch is the same. Pro tip: start with the bottom E string and work your way up.

Pitch Pipe

For Scottsdale and Phoenix guitar players who aren’t 100% confident tuning by ear, but want to learn that skill, using a pitch pipe is another great alternative. A pitch pipe is an excellent tool that enables you to tune your guitar in the same way you would a piano or other instrument. Essentially, a pitch pipe is a small rectangular device with six pipes, one for each corresponding string. The advantages to using a pitch pipe is its ease, portability, and its lack of need for batteries!

No matter how you choose to tune your guitar, remember that precise tuning is a skill that can be learned just like anything else. As always, if you need help learning how to properly tune your guitar or just need some extra guitar tips and tricks, contact Scottsdale Music Academy. With personalized guitar lessons, group music lessons, and a passionate, dedicated team, there’s nothing we can’t help you achieve!

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