Avoiding the “yips”…

“The Inner Game of Music” Avoiding the “yips”…

I just read or re-read a great book that sent me back to a time where all I did was eat, breath and sleep guitar.  The book is called “The Inner Game of Music” written by Barry Green.  I was attending G.I.T. Guitar Institute of Technology where my guitar playing grew by leaps and bounds, but not without the pain.  What I mean is, performing day after day in front of killer guitarist and musicians feeling like every note you played was under scrutiny (and they were) I began to get a form of the  “yips”.

If you don’t know what the yips are the best way for me to explain is it’s basically you getting in your own way.  That faint voice in the back of your head that says “your not good enough” or right before a big solo “don’t mess it up” get VERY loud.  I feel if your not careful this voice could very easily take over.

Luckily I was taking some classes with Tim Bogert of “Vanilla Fudge” who immediately recognized what was going on and recommended I read this book.  With a little help from Tim and “The Inner Game of Music” I regained the confidence to play like a pro.

I think learning early on how to deal with high pressure situations and those little voices has made it possible for me to be a part of some really great projects over the years… yes, where every note is scrutinized.

Lennon & Mc Cartney said it best, “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”.  I think at times we could all use a little help.  Check this book out, it really helped me to refocus, believe I was on the right path and get back in to the zone.


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