Student-Richard Sherman

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Student-Richard Sherman

John is a great teacher, in part because his teaching style is so comfortable. Working with John doesn’t feel like “music lessons” in the traditional sense; it’s more like getting together with a friend each week — except it’s a friend who happens to play incredibly well and is willing to share his knowledge, tips, tricks and secrets, to help improve your playing and make your practice sessions more effective. John’s style of teaching is relaxed and he’s got an amazing amount of patience. His mellow demeanor creates a stress-free environment in which it’s both interesting and fun to learn something new each week. Before I started taking lessons with John, I could play chords, but that was it.I wasn’t going to get any better on my own. From my first lesson, John opened the door to a new dimension of playing. Prior to studying with John, I didn’t know a pentatonic pattern from a china pattern, but each week, with his tutoring and guidance, I’m learning more, my playing is improving, and I’m having more fun with my guitar than I ever had before. John’s studio is comfortable-yet-professional, clean, and not cramped like it frequently is taking lessons at a music store. If you’ve been playing for years, if you’re just starting out, or if it’s been decades since you played and you want to get back into it (as I did), get in touch with John. He’ll make a tremendous difference in your playing and you’ll enjoy the process as you continually improve. I plan to keep taking lessons from John until I’m ready to head out on tour. It could be awhile, but if John can’t get me there, nobody can.

Richard Sherman


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