How to Sing with Confidence

Have you ever been to a concert and were completely awed not only by the singer’s vocal chops, but by their ability to own the stage and exude confidence? Watching singers with so much charisma, personality, and ease on stage can make it easy to believe that some people are just born with a natural stage presence. But, don’t let their flawless performance fool you. Being confident in the spotlight takes work! Believe it or not, even the most experienced singers still get butterflies before a big performance. No one is born fully equipped with all the skills to dazzle and wow the crowd from the get go. Building your confidence as a singer takes time and is a gradual process. Luckily, it’s not a hard process! Everyone can master it. Here are the top three ways you can build your confidence as a singer and banish those butterflies for good!



  1. Focus On the Music

The best way to shake off nerves during a performance is to concentrate solely on the music and the way it makes you feel. By letting go of your ego and the opinions of others, you’ll automatically feel more relaxed. When one experiences music on a higher strata—the magic of singing solely for themselves—doubt, self-consciousness, and nerves melt away! The next time you have a gig, remember to breath and focus on the joy of singing.  You won’t believe what a difference that mind set can make in helping you to feel more comfortable and confident when singing in front of others.



  1.  Practice

If you want to rock your next show, then there’s no getting around practicing! Practice is a must—not only for the growth of your skills as a singer but also for the on-stage confidence you’re hoping for. While solo practice sessions are essential, to really amp up your performance skills you’ll need voice lessons. Voice lessons, like the ones Scottsdale Music Academy offers, can give you a fresh set of  eyes and ears and an experienced instructor who knows exactly what you’re going through and how to overcome any obstacles you might encounter. Practicing, whether through vocal lessons or performing in front of friends and family, will help you get to know yourself as a singer, including your strengths and weaknesses. The more you practice, the more you’ll believe in your talents and the more assured you’ll feel singing in any situation.



  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

No one’s first performance (or even second or third) goes off without a hitch. Even the most advanced singers experience a few performance hiccups from time to time.  The sooner you accept that mistakes are inevitable, the sooner you’ll be less afraid to make one, and the less nervous you’ll feel. If you learn to embrace mistakes, you’ll be better equipped to smoothly deal with them during a performance.



Our last tip for learning to sing with confidence is to just have fun and enjoy yourself! If you’re up on stage, singing your heart out and feeling the music, then your performance will no doubt be just as pleasant and fun to watch.  Remember, building your confidence takes time, but you will get there! Perform for the joy of it, put in the work, embrace mistakes and have fun, and we guarantee confidence will follow! Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley…you’ll be singing all over Arizona without ever breaking a sweat (unless it’s summertime, of course)!



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