Gibson SG or Gibson Les Paul

This is Marc from Scottsdale Guitar Academy, and I’ve always wondered which Gibson is the right Gibson. Because so many people have their own opinion on this subject, I want to know yours as well.

The Gibson Les Paul has great style, rocking hardware, and almost perfect tone. The maple top body is beautiful for the front. The back is made out of mahogany, as well as the neck of this instrument. Does this make the tone sound almost perfect? Or is it the burst buckers they put in these new Les Paul’s? Do they mesh with the rich wood put in this instrument? This instrument has a rosewood fingerboard, but I don’t know if this makes it special, because a lot of guitars have rosewood fingerboards. And with a scale length of 24-3/4’’, I believe this instrument has a lot to work with. But with all that said, the GIBSON LES PAUL has a heavy body, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s not very compact. All in all, with the tone that it brings out, I would record with this instrument, but I wouldn’t perform with it. I have never owned a Les Paul, so I can’t really say anything more on this instrument. But I’ve played some different models and I’ve felt the same with every one of them, so let me know if I’m missing any important spec’s or opinion’s on this legendary guitar.

On with the next one…

The Gibson SG is very lightweight, great tone, and very compact for the musician. With some original Les Paul spec’s, this instrument provides my need’s. The tone is just phenomenal, because of the burst buckers they provide like the Les Paul. The lightweight body style provides a story behind it. It looks like a weapon of some sort, which makes it easier to rock out, and feel free with this instrument. Everything is made of mahogany, the body, the neck, etc. With a similar fingerboard like the Les Paul, it’s made of rosewood, but that’s not the point. This instrument is very neck heavy, which makes it uncomfortable for some musicians. I’ve owned my fair share of Gibson SG models, and in my opinion they are the best Gibson to own. Why heavy guitar, when you can have a lightweight guitar just like the heavy one? I own a 1961 Gibson SG reissue. It’s an old school to new school type, and I love it. Like I said before, let me know if I’m missing any important spec’s or opinion’s on this wonderful guitar.

There you have it. I think it’s safe to say that the SG is my favorite. I want to be comfortable when I’m on stage and the SG provides that. I guess that’s why Angus Young, Tony Iommi love to play these guitars.
Give me your opinion.

SGA Instructor, Marc Price

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