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  • A Unique Teaching Approach

    no Comments in blog by admin on Monday, December 28 th, 2009

    Meet a Scottsdale guitar teacher who takes a unique approach to teaching his young students.

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  • Buying Your First Electric Guitar

    no Comments in blog by admin on Friday, November 27 th, 2009

    So you’ve decided to learn how to play the guitar but you have just realized that buying a guitar on some level can be like walking on to a car lot. With literally hundreds of choices in brand, color, and style if you know absolutely nothing about guitar at this moment, playing one is the last thing on y...

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  • Avoiding the “yips”…

    no Comments in blog by admin on Wednesday, November 11 th, 2009

    “The Inner Game of Music” Avoiding the “yips”… I just read or re-read a great book that sent me back to a time where all I did was eat, breath and sleep guitar.  The book is called “The Inner Game of Music” written by Barry Green.  I was attending G.I.T. Guitar Institute of Tech...

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    no Comments in blog by admin on Tuesday, October 27 th, 2009

    NOT INSPIRED TO PRACTICE GUITAR? 5 SIMPLE TIPS ON STAYING MOTIVATED & INSPIRED There are times when most practicing musicians at some point experience a feeling of being off course.  Finding the motivation to practice can be tough, especially when there is not a clear path and motivation to stay on that ...

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