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  • Guitar Picks 101: How to Pick Your Pick

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Friday, December 20 th, 2019

    Although small in size, guitar picks possess a lot of power. In fact, many beginning guitar players often don’t realize just how important guitar picks really are. While it is very possible to play the guitar without a pick (and sometimes preferred for stylistic reasons), these small, but mighty tools can h...

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  • Tips for Choosing a Good Band Name

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Tuesday, December 10 th, 2019

    Once you’ve reached that point in your music career where you’ve perfected your skills to a T and learned all you can through music lessons, the next logical step is showcasing your talents around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and beyond! For a majority of musicians, that means forming a band or joining an ...

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  • Why Music Lessons Make The Perfect Holiday Gift

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Wednesday, December 04 th, 2019

    Make this holiday season shine! Instead of giving your loved ones yet another typical gift, why not give them something unique and extra special? This year, shake things up by giving them the gift of music lessons, one of the only gifts in the world that actually gives back in return. Read on to discover w...

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  • The Best Motivational Tips to Reach Your Music Dreams

    no Comments in blog by Jennah Parmar on Monday, November 04 th, 2019

    Going after your dreams is never easy. In fact, at times, it can seem almost impossible. Between all the music lessons, practice sessions and new songs, any musician (no matter how great) is bound to get burnt out at one time or another. When those hard times hit and your musical dreams seem more out of reach...

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