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  • The Top 3 Mistakes Beginning Piano Students Make, And How To Avoid Them

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Monday, November 20 th, 2017

    Learning to play the piano is an exciting experience but it can also be an intimidating one. From notes to scales and proper piano fingering, there’s a lot for a new pianist to learn! With so much to keep up with and remember, it’s only inevitable that beginning piano students will make some mistakes along...

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  • Why Learning Music Online Is Holding You Back

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Wednesday, November 08 th, 2017

    There are some things you can learn solely online like how to cook the perfect pie or how to fix a broken toilet. Then there are other things, like learning how to play an instrument, where face-to-face interaction is a better bet. Although online music lessons are quite popular these days, they’re definitel...

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  • [VIDEO] How To Play The Munsters Theme Song on Guitar

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Tuesday, October 31 st, 2017

    Halloween is officially upon us! While you no doubt have your costume ready to go and plenty of candy on hand, there’s one thing you’re likely missing: a spooky Halloween anthem! While orange and black are the traditional All Hallows’ Eve must-haves, an eerie Halloween song is just what you need to take ...

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  • How To Compel Your Child to Practice Their Instrument

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Thursday, October 26 th, 2017

    Getting your child to practice their instrument is a lot like getting them to eat their vegetables…a definite struggle at times! But with a little creative parenting on your part, your child can learn to love practicing! If you’re tired of begging your kid to practice their instrument and are over the ...

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