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  • Gibson Guitar Facing Bankruptcy

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Friday, March 09 th, 2018

    Say it ain’t so! Last week, reports surfaced that legendary guitar manufacturer Gibson Brands, Inc. (commonly known as Gibson Guitar) is facing pending bankruptcy, and may likely close its doors in the near future unless it can get back on financial track. For guitar players young and old who use Gibson guit...

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  • Get Better At Music By Having A Growth Mindset

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Friday, February 23 rd, 2018

    There’s no doubt about it: learning to play an instrument is hard! When learning to play music for the first time, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into challenges and be frustrated at times. However, the overall learning process should be an enjoyable one. If it isn’t, you’re probably approaching it ...

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  • 3 Reasons Why Your Progress Is Slow and How To Fix It

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Monday, February 12 th, 2018

    When it comes to learning an instrument, there are a lot of ups and downs.  In fact, the path to being a musician is almost never a straight line; rather, it’s a curvy, windy road filled with lots of successes and a few inevitable setbacks. While it would be nice to progress at lightning speed, the fact is ...

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  • 4 Guaranteed Ways to Break Out of a Rut

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Saturday, February 03 rd, 2018

    Whether you’re a musician who’s been taking music lessons for years, brand new to playing music, or even Lady Gaga herself, it’s inevitable that you’ll fall victim to a rut at some point or another. The sad truth is musical ruts happen to the best of us, and while they’re a major drag, they don’t h...

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