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  • 3 Tips For Singers To Engage Their Audience

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Friday, August 18 th, 2017

    Listen up, singers…we’re about to reveal the formula for putting on a perfect performance. Number one, of course, (as everyone can guess) is knowing how to sing well. With voice lessons, lots of practice, and a little determination, you’ll be a singing machine in no time! But the lesser known ingredi...

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  • Metallica: Phoenix Concert Review

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Friday, August 11 th, 2017

    By: Veronica Fedri This past weekend, on August 4, 2017, the extremely popular heavy-metal band, Metallica, performed a sold-out show at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. This was for their WorldWired tour. Avenge Sevenfold was the opening act. There were pros and cons of this show, and t...

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  • 3 Essential Vocal Warm Ups For Singers

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Wednesday, August 09 th, 2017

    Unlike other musicians, a singer can not quickly fix or mend their instrument if broken…because their instrument is their voice! That’s why it’s extremely important for singers to take good care of their voices in order to prevent injury. After all, we’re only born with one set of vocal cords and t...

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  • Talking Points For Singers: What To Say Between Songs

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Monday, July 31 st, 2017

    Any serious singer knows how critical live shows are and just how nerve-racking they can be. When gearing up for a live show, singers will no doubt rack up all the practice hours they can, squeezing in as many voice lessons as possible, perfecting their set list, and working on their showmanship. However, one ...

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