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  • How to Prepare For Your First Performance

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Monday, June 11 th, 2018

    One of the most thrilling parts of being a musician is sharing your talents with others through performances and live shows. While this can be a fun, adrenaline-filled experience, it can also be quite nerve wracking. To ensure you deliver your best performance possible, you’ll want to be as prepared as you c...

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  • Best Apps for Keyboard Players

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Tuesday, May 29 th, 2018

    If you’re a keyboard player and you’re looking to up your game, you’ve come to the right place. Those who are serious about their craft already know that music lessons, frequent practice, and goal setting are the main ingredients to keyboard playing success. But to give yourself an extra edge, consider a...

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  • How To Maximize Your Music Lessons

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Tuesday, May 22 nd, 2018

    If you’ve made the wise decision to take music lessons, you’re well on your way to mastering your instrument.  Whether you play the guitar, drums, bass or sing vocals, music lessons are a great tool to help you learn to hone your craft and expand your skills. While music lessons are not required, they are...

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  • How To Soundproof Your Practice Space

    no Comments in blog by Anabelle Corrigan on Thursday, May 03 rd, 2018

    When first learning to play an instrument and establish yourself as a full-fledge musician, practice is absolutely mandatory. And while music lessons offer a great place for you to hone your craft, you need to practice on your own as well. That’s why an at-home practice space or rehearsal room is absolutely ...

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